On a mission to protect the environment and serve business owners, Union Processing Systems offers industrial  water treatment services you don’t want to go without. Our cutting-edge systems save you money, make your business more efficient, and give you lasting peace of mind. We’re eager to help businesses in a wide array of industries, including aerospace, landfills, metal fabrication and beyond.

Waste Management

Whatever your industrial process may be, we are here to manage the resulting wastewater. Our top-notch systems assure that industrial runoff that would otherwise go to waste gets a new lease on life so it doesn’t harm the environment and cost your business.

Examples of Acceptable Waste Streams:
  • Aqueous waste with low solvents
  • Aqueous waste with low other toxic organics
  • Spent acid without metals
  • Acid aqueous waste
  • Spent caustic
  • Caustic aqueous waste
  • Aqueous waste with reactive sulfides
  • Other aqueous waste with high dissolved solids
  • Other aqueous waste with low dissolved solids
  • Scrubber waste
  • Other inorganic liquids
  • Oil water emulsion or mixture
  • Concentrated aqueous solution of other organics
  • Paint thinner or petroleum distillates
  • Other organic liquids
  • Ethylene glycol based antifreeze
  • Brine solution that could also bear the form code 113 Halogenated/non-halogenated solvent mixture
  • PCW (Petroleum Contact Water)

Transportation Management

Our Class I underground-injection well system has the infrastructure and is permitted to handle up to 504k gallons of wastewater a day, 365 days a year. We’re here to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Learn more about what we can do!